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How to queue macro?

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Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me how I could go about or maybe even show me an example on how I would queue a macro.

Lets say I have two hotkeys, 1 and 2, that are bound to two seperate macros.

Lets say if I press 1211 very fast.

This is what I want it to do. I want it to do macro 1, wait until it is done and then start macro 2, wait until it is done and macro 1 and so on.

I've been thinking about getting key presses, storing them in an array, which would have an index variable and would rollover. But how would I run a function that has the name of the value stored in the array.

ex. $queue_array = [1,2,1,1]

How do I get auotit to run 1() 2() 1() 1() just by reading the function name from the array.

Or is there a better way?

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