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Need help with iTunes COM

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So I am trying to implement some iTunes control in a script but I am having trouble finding out how to use their COM files (Never used anything with COM before)

So here is the section from the iTunes COM Interface file:

HRESULT _IiTunesEvents::OnPlayerPlayEvent  (  [in] VARIANT  iTrack   )   
   The ITEventPlayerPlay event is fired when a track begins playing. 

When iTunes switches to playing another track, you will received an ITEventPlayerStop event followed by an ITEventPlayerPlay event, unless it is playing joined CD tracks (see _IiTunesEvents::OnPlayerPlayingTrackChangedEvent).

 iTrack  An IITTrack object (a VARIANT of type VT_DISPATCH) corresponding to the track that has started playing.

So I am attempting to make a script do something if a song starts to play. I was able to use other parts of the help file like:

HRESULT IiTunes::PlayPause  (    )   
   Toggle the playing/paused state of the current track. 

Return values:
 S_OK  The operation was successful.  
 E_FAIL  An unexpected error occurred.

But I can't seem to use the song start one.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


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Again...I don't have iTunes installed so this is only guessing, might want to try it out in a test script or something:

#include <iTunes.au3>
;object is $iTunesApp
Global $aCurrentTrack

;Create event handler for $iTunesApp object
$iTunesObjEvent = ObjEvent($iTunesApp, "iTunesEvent_")

Func iTunesEvent_OnPlayerPlayEvent($objTrack)
    _ITunesUpdateCurrentTrack()     ;Update info array
    ConsoleWrite("Now playing: " & $aCurrentTrack[2] & @CRLF)       ;Is $aCurrentTrack[2] the title?

;Following updates the current track info array
Func _ITunesUpdateCurrentTrack()
    $aCurrentTrack = _iTunes_Current_GetInfo()

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