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Passing array of structs to dllCall, revisited?

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Hello all. (autoit newbie) I'm having trouble getting the correct return values from my dllcall... thought I'd post and help.

Using the example I found

So I have a function that looks like this:

// function to scan wifi, returns list of APs and number of APs found
DWORD scanwifi(BYTE **ppWifiAPs, DWORD*size)

and ppWifiAPs is an array of structs, like this:

struct {
   WCHAR ssid[260];
   int rssi;
   int auth;
   int priv;

so I write my autoit script like this

local $wifi_ap_count = 255
local $wifi_ap_list_print

; build array of structs
$wifi_ap_struct_type = "WCHAR ssid[260];int rssi;int auth;int priv"
For $i = 0 to 20
$wifi_ap_list_array= DllStructCreate($WifiStructDef)

; do the actual call
$result = DllCall("RemoteExerciserDLL.dll", _
                "DWORD:cdecl","scanwifi", _
                "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($wifi_ap_list_array), _
                "DWORD*", $wifi_ap_count)

; set the count of returned number of found APs
$wifi_ap_count = $result[2]

; build the result string
For $j = 0 to $wifi_ap_count
    $wifi_ap_list_print &= _
                "SSID: " & DllStructGetData($wifi_ap_list_array, 4*$j+1) & _
                " RSSI: " & DllStructGetData($wifi_ap_list_array, 4*$j+2) & _
                " Auth: " & DllStructGetData($wifi_ap_list_array, 4*$j+3) & _
                " Priv: " & DllStructGetData($wifi_ap_list_array, 4*$j+4) & @CRLF

MsgBox(0, "ScanWifi", "Finished scanning wifi:" & @CRLF & _
            "return status: " & $result[0] & @CRLF & _
            "Found Networks count: " & $wifi_ap_count & @CRLF & _
            "Found Networks: " & @CRLF & $wifi_ap_list_print )

but this does not seem to work. My "found network count" is always some weird number, and wifi_ap_count seems always to be 0, and the output values are all 0's

I have a C program that calls this function and I am able to get the correct results, but AutoIt seems to always return funny numbers, and I can't quite tell if it got any data back at all... any thoughts?

(sorry if this seems like a cop out to ask you guys to debug my code, but I am just out of ideas of what else to try?)

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You have a typo in your dllstruct data set.

Your variable $wifi_ap_struct_type should end with a seperating semicolon ';' to seperate all the terms in the list. When you join it back to back with your for loop statement, it will look like: WCHAR ssid[260];int rssi;int auth;int privWCHAR ssid[260];int rssi;int auth;int privWCHAR ssid[260];int rssi;int auth;int priv

You can see your mistake I assume.

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Ya...... but at least he can't say the autoit community doesn't care.

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