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[Solved]Unknow Problem

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Hello, I have a big problem but I can't find why :unsure:

I have a FTP which have a txt file: jamesst20.megabyet.net/Commande.txt

I am trying to make something that look what is the text and if the text = Update then the script update, if it = Exit then it Exit....

My problem is that when I change the text, the script is supose to know that the text has changed but it doesn't :> Ok I will explain better:

On My script

While 1
$FileName = "Commande.txt"
InetGet("http://jamesst20.megabyet.net/Commande.txt", @TempDir &"/Commande.txt")
    $FileOpened = FileOpen(@TempDir &"/" &$FileName, 0)
    $FileContent = FileRead($FileOpened)
    MsgBox(0,"", $FileContent)

Everything works but if WHILE the script is running I change the text from my FTP, the MsgBox doesn't change ;) and If I exit the script and reopen it, the Msgbox has changed....

Why ?

I tried with _FTP_Connect and same thing --'

Thanks you

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$str = InetRead("http://jamesst20.megabyet.net/Commande.txt", 1)
Switch BinaryToString($str)
    Case "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmllllllllllllllllllllll"
        MsgBox(0, "Do", "Something")
    Case Else
        MsgBox(0, "Do", "Something else")

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hi jamesstp20,

Try calling InetGet function like this:

The 1 in the third parameter indicates that the function should force a reload from the remote site.


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