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How to change context menu color?

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Any way to change context menu background color?

from this example script...

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <ButtonConstants.au3>
Func Example2()
    Local $hGui, $OptionsBtn, $OptionsDummy, $OptionsContext, $OptionsCommon, $OptionsFile, $msg
    Local $OptionsExit, $HelpBtn, $HelpDummy, $HelpContext, $HelpWWW, $HelpAbout
    $hGui = GUICreate("My GUI", 170, 40)

    $OptionsBtn = GUICtrlCreateButton("&Options", 10, 10, 70, 20, $BS_FLAT)

    ; At first create a dummy control for the options and a contextmenu for it
    $OptionsDummy = GUICtrlCreateDummy()
    $OptionsContext = GUICtrlCreateContextMenu($OptionsDummy)
    $OptionsCommon = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Common", $OptionsContext)
    $OptionsFile = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("File", $OptionsContext)
    GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("", $OptionsContext)
    $OptionsExit = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Exit", $OptionsContext)

    $HelpBtn = GUICtrlCreateButton("&Help", 90, 10, 70, 20, $BS_FLAT)

    ; Create a dummy control and a contextmenu for the help too
    $HelpDummy = GUICtrlCreateDummy()
    $HelpContext = GUICtrlCreateContextMenu($HelpDummy)
    $HelpWWW = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Website", $HelpContext)
    GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("", $HelpContext)
    $HelpAbout = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("About...", $HelpContext)


    While 1
        $msg = GUIGetMsg()

        Switch $msg
            Case $OptionsExit, $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

            Case $OptionsBtn
                ShowMenu($hGui, $msg, $OptionsContext)

            Case $HelpBtn
                ShowMenu($hGui, $msg, $HelpContext)

            Case $HelpAbout
                MsgBox(64, "About...", "GUICtrlGetHandle-Sample")
EndFunc   ;==>Example2
; Show a menu in a given GUI window which belongs to a given GUI ctrl
Func ShowMenu($hWnd, $CtrlID, $nContextID)
    Local $arPos, $x, $y
    Local $hMenu = GUICtrlGetHandle($nContextID)

    $arPos = ControlGetPos($hWnd, "", $CtrlID)

    $x = $arPos[0]
    $y = $arPos[1] + $arPos[3]

    ClientToScreen($hWnd, $x, $y)
    TrackPopupMenu($hWnd, $hMenu, $x, $y)
EndFunc   ;==>ShowMenu
; Convert the client (GUI) coordinates to screen (desktop) coordinates
Func ClientToScreen($hWnd, ByRef $x, ByRef $y)
    Local $stPoint = DllStructCreate("int;int")

    DllStructSetData($stPoint, 1, $x)
    DllStructSetData($stPoint, 2, $y)

    DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "ClientToScreen", "hwnd", $hWnd, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($stPoint))

    $x = DllStructGetData($stPoint, 1)
    $y = DllStructGetData($stPoint, 2)
    ; release Struct not really needed as it is a local
    $stPoint = 0
EndFunc   ;==>ClientToScreen
; Show at the given coordinates (x, y) the popup menu (hMenu) which belongs to a given GUI window (hWnd)
Func TrackPopupMenu($hWnd, $hMenu, $x, $y)
    DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "TrackPopupMenuEx", "hwnd", $hMenu, "int", 0, "int", $x, "int", $y, "hwnd", $hWnd, "ptr", 0)
EndFunc   ;==>TrackPopupMenu

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Help file on GUICtrlGetHandle

Command call

SetMenuColor($OptionsContext, 0xEEBB99)

command func

Func SetMenuColor($nMenuID, $nColor)
    Local $hMenu, $hBrush, $stMenuInfo
    Local Const $MIM_APPLYTOSUBMENUS = 0x80000000
    Local Const $MIM_BACKGROUND = 0x00000002
    $hMenu = GUICtrlGetHandle($nMenuID)
    $hBrush = DllCall("gdi32.dll", "hwnd", "CreateSolidBrush", "int", $nColor)
    $hBrush = $hBrush[0]
    $stMenuInfo = DllStructCreate("dword;dword;dword;uint;dword;dword;ptr")
    DllStructSetData($stMenuInfo, 1, DllStructGetSize($stMenuInfo))
    DllStructSetData($stMenuInfo, 2, BitOR($MIM_APPLYTOSUBMENUS, $MIM_BACKGROUND))
    DllStructSetData($stMenuInfo, 5, $hBrush)
    DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "SetMenuInfo", "hwnd", $hMenu, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($stMenuInfo))
    ; release Struct not really needed as it is a local
    $stMenuInfo = 0
EndFunc   ;==>SetMenuColor

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Help file on GUICtrlGetHandleCommand call

Didn't see that in help file. Ok thanks. Really appreciated it! :huh2:

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