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My second autoit program

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I wanted to let you guys know about my second autoit program.

My first was a similar grid panel software with a few 'eve online' functions, such as "warp to zero script", for those that play that game.

Its called EON, its a menu system which the users can customise themselves, including create more panels and move between panels, also can chain buttons together.

Basically press a button and it performs a set action like load a particular webpage, play an audio file or video file stored on your hardrive or run a batch file.

There are some features I havent worked out yet, a primary one is how to make different icons for the application, or the one icon with transparent background. I made one icon file and it looks okay with white in the explorer window, but not in the blue/grey background of autoit title bar.

Here are some screenshots.

Original edition News edition World of Warcraft Edition

Posted Image Posted ImagePosted Image

Download the exe here:

Exe version of EON

Download the zip here:

zip version of EON

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Looking at image recognition similiar to warp to zero and some timer functions.


John Urquhart

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What is it? some sort of bot?


I haven't included the source as yet as I was hoping to develop it.

Its simply a menu program in a graphical format, users can customize the buttons and what they do, it stays in front of most windows applications, including world of warcraft in windowed mode. Users can also create multiple panels and move between panels.

Its not a bot as such, more like a menu program where users can customize the web links the buttons point too and a few other actions.

You click on a button and it will open a website, (wow edition, news edition) or you click a button and it could play a music video file (on your hardrive.)

Easy to use interface, very easy to program the button actions, can reprogram the whole panel if you want.

I'm looking to make it more flexible and customizable in future.

Thanks for asking.

John Urquhart

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