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When I try to send It I Always get an error: "50"

Current Source:

#include <INet.au3>

$s_SmtpServer = "smtp.gmail.com"
$s_FromName = "The Gamer"
$s_FromAddress = "csirkepap@gmail.com"
$s_ToAddress = "rol4nd@freemail.hu"
$s_Subject = "This is the Subject"

Dim $as_Body[2]
$as_Body[0] = "Testing the new email udf"
$as_Body[1] = "Second Line"
$Response = _INetSmtpMail ($s_SmtpServer, $s_FromName, $s_FromAddress, $s_ToAddress, $s_Subject, $as_Body)

$err = @error
If $Response = 1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Success!", "Mail sent!")
    MsgBox(0, "Error!", "Mail failed with error code: " & $err)

Any idea why?

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Code dosent look complete, I havent sent an email from code before, but I'm fairly certain you need to add your username and password to email account in some fashion.

Yes, I was thinking about the password (username = e-mail). And Ok, I will look for thoose 2 command. Thanks.

There isn't any command such as _INetSmtpMailCom. Only the simple _INetSmtpMail.

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