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Help with changing cell in Excel

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I'm new at using AutoIT, and I'm trying to open an existing excel workbook and then change cell A24 to 'YES'. I have succeeded in having autoit open the workbook and run a macro, and next I want it to alter A24 to 'YES'. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but I get an error code when I try the following:

Dim $objXLDoc

$objXLDoc = ObjCreate("Excel.Application")

With $objXLDoc.Application
.AutomationSecurity = 1 ; Explicitly set the macro security level to allow macros
.Visible = 1 ; Set the application visible (without it, this instance of Excel is running in the background, invisible)
.Workbooks.Open ("\\SERVER\CPSQL\TopLevel\A Harvest of Health\Activity\Import\Scan Genius Update Vendor Items & Add New Products(NEW).xls") ;Open the Workbook

$x = .Run("AllOthers") ; Run "AllOthers" Macro

_ExcelWriteCell($oExcel, "YES", 24, 1)

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you might want to try excel.au3? - i am sure there are others, you can take a look.

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$objXLDoc = ObjCreate("Excel.Application")

_ExcelWriteCell($oExcel, "YES", 24, 1)

See those 2 lines? here is yur error. Last line should be:

_ExcelWriteCell($objXLDoc, "YES", 24, 1)

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