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Dictation Recording with Overdub / Visualisation

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Hi all

I kinda need a (basic) dictation system, but with the following features:

1. visualisation of recording i.e. waveform

2. ability to click on waveform to listen from that position

3. ability to click on waveform and record from that point (overwriting previous recordings)

4. normalise (maybe some sound-pattern removal)

5. save as MP3

For me this is a daunting task mainly due to the graphical part (haven't really looked at GDI properly etc)...

I'd appreciate anyone's opinions on the best plugins / DLLs etc for the job. Is the BASS suite capable of recording aswell as conversion / normalisation i.e. will the BASS suite cover the sound recording part of this ? (inc. ability to record to file position etc ?). Ideally i'd like this project to not require any 3rd party installs - local DLLs etc are fine...

I'd appreciate any comments / feasibility suggestions (outside of my novice coding abilities :mellow:


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Most of it can be done with AutoIt and windows winmm.dll waveIn functions for recording and waveOut functions for playback.

The visulisation part can be done while reading the buffers while recording or playback and drawing then to screen.

Myself I use lame_enc.dll to convert to mp3.

If your looking for some sort of example of recording using waveIn to mp3 you can probably have a look at my script in Examples.

Maybe you could use bits 'n' pieces of my code to get you started.


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