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neo van matix

ObjCreate() - doesn't work?!

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neo van matix


i'm trying to integrate an ActiveX-Control from the Mobotix SDK.

Mobotix is a leading company in the IP-Videocam branch.

The ActiveX-Control is used in IE to stream Video&Audio from the mobotix-cam in its native codec (mxpeg).

I'm sorry, its the first time i try to implement an activeX-obj in autoit...

What i have:

- a *.cab; in it:

-> the ocx-file

-> an ini-file with the content:


- A working implementation of this activex-control in IE and a full description of the parameters:


My Problem: I cant create an object of this ocx in autoit.


$path = @ScriptDir&"\MxPEG_ActiveX.ocx"
IF NOT FileExists($path) Then MsgBox(16, "", "error")
$mxpeg_activex_obj = ObjCreate($path)
if not IsObj($mxpeg_activex_obj) then msgbox(0,"", "no object")

The MsgBox is poping up with "no object". I tried MxPEG_ActiveX.cab instead of the ocx-file - but with the same error.

Where's my mistake? Is there a... "limitation" or something, that not every ActiveX-component can be implemented in autoit?

*Update* This is a link to the *.cab-file, if you would like to test is by yourself.

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Attention! English noob ^^

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neo van matix

I registered it by "regsvr32 *.ocx" successfully, but if i run my autoit-script, i always get a "no object"-error :-/

Do you have another idea, what could be wrong?

Edited by neo van matix

Attention! English noob ^^

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What makes you think ObjCreate() takes a path to a file as an argument? The help file should be your first stop.

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Works for me. Try this first:

$mxpeg_Obj = ObjCreate("MXPEGACTIVEX.MxPEGActiveXCtrl.1")

then follow wraithdu's path. That's where I started and still return for searching...

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U can use this code to list all COM objects:



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neo van matix


thanks for your aswers.

I tried to specify a path, because i searched for some examples. There where several, that used the OCX-File to create the object (like WMPlayer.ocx).

It seems, that i've another problem:

I put the OCX to c:\ and typed "regsvr32 *.ocx" in cmd (started with admin-rights). Then i get a msg, that the ocx-file was successfully registered.

Then i run the script, that UEZ posted - no entry for MXPEGACTIVEX... if i run my script with the correct Object-Path (posted by taietel), i still get "no object".

I googled for a solution; i tried to deregister and re-register the ocx (both times with success, if i promise the windows-dialogs..), but still no COM-Object installed.

I'm running Win7 x64, but i thought, i could still register 32bit-OCX-files? I copyied the ocx to windows\syswow64\ too and registered it there - success, but no COM-Object listed...

Attention! English noob ^^

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neo van matix

That was it... i get no object, because the script runs on 64bit... thank you! :-)

*Update* And my next problem...

Original, in IE source, there will be set some parameters to initialisize the addin:

<OBJECT id=mxpeg1
        style="width:400px;height:300px;border:2px solid #000000;"
  <PARAM NAME="Port" VALUE="80">
  <PARAM NAME="Audio" VALUE="1">
  <PARAM NAME="AudioToCam" VALUE="0">
  <PARAM NAME="AudioFullduplex" VALUE="0">
  <PARAM NAME="Framerate" VALUE="25">
  <PARAM NAME="EnablePopupmenu" VALUE="1">
  <PARAM NAME="EnableClickInterface" VALUE="0">
  <PARAM NAME="DisplayStrategy" VALUE="minimum delay">
  <PARAM NAME="Proxy" VALUE="">
  <PARAM NAME="ProxyPort" VALUE="">
  <PARAM NAME="ScaleImage" VALUE="Auto">
  <PARAM NAME="AccessLevel" VALUE="User">
  <PARAM NAME="Username" VALUE="">
  <PARAM NAME="Password" VALUE="">
  <PARAM NAME="BackColor" VALUE="0x00ff0000">
  <PARAM NAME="Player" VALUE="0">
  <PARAM NAME="Live" VALUE="1">
  <PARAM NAME="UnLockCode" VALUE="">
  <PARAM NAME="FireEventOnFinishedFrame" VALUE="0">
  <PARAM NAME="maxdelay" VALUE="15">
  <PARAM NAME="GoodRender" VALUE="1">

I tried to set them by:

With $mxpeg_obj
.IP = ""
.Port = "80"


$mxpeg_obj.ip = "..."

but i'm getting the error:

xxx\mxactivex.au3 (27) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.:
$mxpeg_Obj.Port = 80
$mxpeg_Obj.Port = 80^ ERROR

Is there something wrong in the way i try to set the parameters?

I'm tried to adapt the namens&functions from the javascript-IE-code:

<SELECT name=mode1 style="WIDTH: 250px" size=1 ID="id_Mode" onchange='if (this.form.mode1.value=="Live") {document.all.mxpeg1.Live=1;} else if (this.form.mode1.value=="Player") {document.all.mxpeg1.Player=1;} else if (this.form.mode1.value=="HttpClip") {document.all.mxpeg1.HttpClip=""} else {};ShowOrHide(this);'>
   <OPTION selected value="Live">Live</OPTION>
   <OPTION value="Player">Player</OPTION>
   <OPTION value="HttpClip">HttpClip</OPTION>

-> mxpeg1 should be the activeX-class, so "Live" should be a method or variable. But $mxpeg_obj.live=1 isn't working, same error as above :/

Edited by neo van matix

Attention! English noob ^^

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Dont know much about objects, but think I've seem some values set like this



Also you entered your port as a string when its a long on that page you linked, so just try = 80

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