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Autoit Debug, Info, Error, Trace, and Event Logging

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Its been asked before and I can't seem to find any UDF or built in feature with support for Logging in AutoIt, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask and spark some focus on the matter.

Applications built for in house use to be run by those that develop them really isn't an issue. It becomes useful to troubleshoot an application if it utilizes some sort of Logging. It is feasible to write functions to support such a need, but I would be pleased if I could find someone who is a far better programmer than I had visited this so I don't have to divert attention and implement it into projects.

What I'm looking for is something similar to NLog or Log4Net with the ability to log events as they happen for ease of troubleshooting if an application fails.

I'm aware of

Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)

but that isn't useful if the end user is not the developer and where screenshots are not desired.

I'm not trying to compare Autoit to .NET in any way. I'm just trying to achieve logging capabilities that match those applications mentioned.

I have considered AutoItX and recoding the project in .NET except for the components that are essentially AutoIt only capable, but that is a bit extreme for my immediate needs.

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Func _log($message)
    If $logging Then ; global variable where you can globally switch OFF/ON logging
     FileWriteLine(@ScriptDir & '\file.log', @YEAR & "-" & @MON & "-" & @MDAY & " --> " & $message)

In your source code add calling this function at places where you need logging:

Global $logging = true
_log('starting compression ...')
_log('compression done.')
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General debug support ...

- See Debug.au3 AutoIt UDF.

- See the ALT-D tool in Scite. (and, if needed, rewrite it a bit to fit your own needs.)

- See alternative debuggers.

Or ... roll your own debugger code.

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