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Help Checking Checkboxes

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Hi All!

I got a bit of a problem. I need to check some checkboxes on a site, wich I can't seem to do (using _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect & _IEAction). I can't even seem to get back the value of the checkboxes. (using _IEFormElementGetValue).

Since I can't get the info I need straight from the Page Source, I use _IETagNameAllGetCollection, and then sift my way through the mess it returns!

So far I have been succesfull in finding and manipulating buttons, textarea's, some tables, and dropdown select boxes on the site. All of them using the _IEFormElementGett & Set Value function.

Through using $oElements = _IETagNameAllGetCollection($oIE), a For $oElement In $oElements / Next loop, and then checking the atrributes of $oElement, using $oElement.tagname, $, $oElement.classname, $oElement.innertext & $oElement.Innerhtml.

Thanks to this I located on of the checkboxes them self (I think).. TAG nr 165.. This is wat it looks like when the checkbox is checked:

[165]tagname: SPANid: aui-3-2-0PR1-1141classname: v-checkboxinnertext: n.v.t.innerhtml: <INPUT id=gwt-uid-1 tabIndex=0 CHECKED type=checkbox __eventBits="241"><LABEL for=gwt-uid-1 __eventBits="241">n.v.t.</LABEL>

This is Unchecked:

[165] tagname: SPANid: aui-3-2-0PR1-1141classname: v-checkbox innertext:n.v.t.<INPUT id=gwt-uid-1 tabIndex=0 type=checkbox __eventBits="241"><LABEL for=gwt-uid-1 __eventBits="241">n.v.t.</LABEL>

Notice there is no attribute set to CHECKED, and that it's not even a UNCHECKED or something when it's unchecked on the page. It is not using "value=", so that's probably the reason the _IEFormElementGett & Set Value don't work. Also, after checking a freshly loaded page, abouy 8 TAG objects, wich seem to have something to do with that checkbox, get ID's, wich they previously didn't have.. Does anybody have any idea how I can manipulate those darn Checkboxes? How should I use the _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect on this checkbox? Is there any other way to check/uncheck a checkbox?? Many Thanks in advance!!

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