Actions among checked checkboxes.

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Hi everyone, 

I'm currently writing a script that will execute some Robocopy batches among what has been ticked by the Technician.

The script is divided in two files (the main & the functions) but the thing is that I have to write multiple lines for all controls, as you can see in the functions file.

1- Is there a way to shorten this?

2- To avoid writing bunch of lines to check whether checkboxes are checked and to lunch appropriate bat, is there also a way to go quicker when clicking on the submit button? (will be implemented in the SubmitCopyChoice() Function)

Thanks guys for all the help you can offer :)




~~~ Doom Shall Never Die, Only The Players ~~~

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You need to use an array and a loop, look :

; declaring the global variables at the beginning of the script is a good practice
Global $aCheckBox = [ "Contacts Folder Only", "Desktop Folder Only", "Downloads Folder Only", "Favorites Folder Only", "My Documents Folder Only", "My Music Folder Only", "My Pictures Folder Only", "My Videos Folder Only", "Searches Folder Only", "Sticky Notes Only", "SAP Logon INI Only", "SAP Logon INI Only"]
Global $aCheckBoxIDs[ UBound($aCheckBox) ]
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; [...]
For $i = 0 To UBound($aCheckBox) - 1
    $aCheckBoxIDs[$i] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox($aCheckBox[$i], 5, 270 + $i * 10 * 2, 300)

and to change to the state in the different functions, another loop :

For $i = 0 To UBound($aCheckBox) - 1
    $aCheckBoxIDs[$i] = GUICtrlSetState($aCheckBox[$i], $GUI_UNCHECKED + $GUI_ENABLE)

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Thanks for your answers, that's a good point. 

But, the trick is that for example, is the tech only checks (for example) My Documents + My Videos + Sticky Notes, how's possible for the script to know what to execute of checkboxes do not have "names"?

Here's my function after submitting:

Func SubmitCopyChoice()
; Global $s_RobocopyOptions = "/R:15 /W:3"
If _IsChecked($chk_Contacts) Then 
$s_Source = $s_Drive & "Users\" & @Username & "\Contacts"
$s_Dest = @UserProfileDir & "\Contacts"
RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /k robocopy.exe "' & $s_Source & '" "' & $s_Dest & ' ' & $s_RobocopyOptions, @SystemDir)

I think I may have no other choices than creating my robocopy job for each checkbox with some if and elseif... At least you have another idea ^^


~~~ Doom Shall Never Die, Only The Players ~~~

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      TinyBackupBox : Do a Backup of folders you want to a local/external drive/directory by using Robocopy.

      A Big Thank to Yashield for TVExplorer.au3 and WinApiEx.au3

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      Hold Shift key when clicking a first child Checkbox will check all other child Checkboxes.
      A right click on a parent item will uncheck all his child Checkboxes.

      * Right Treeview :

      A left click for select Backup Directory.
      A right click menu on an item for create a new sub-folder which you can give the name you want.
      This new sub-folder will be created and added as child item of the item you have right clicked.

      * Start Button :

      A Click on Start Button will start backup normally.
      Hold Shift key when clicking it will start backup on Idle Mode.
      Idle Mode is used for start or resume backup after a period of user inactivity (that you can set by tray menu)
      and will pause current backup if not idle.

      * Stop Button :

      A click on Stop Button will Pause backup, and any changes will affect the backup when resume it.
      You can resume a current backup by Re-clicking Start Button.
      Hold Shift key when clicking Stop Button will totally Cancel current backup.
      In Idle mode Stop Button is inactive until you Hold Shift key and click for Cancel current backup.

      * Refresh Button :

      A Click will refresh both treeviews and set them to the previous selections you have done.
      Hold Shift key when clicking it will refresh both treeview and set them to the root.

      * Tray Menu :

      By Default Robocopy copy only new files,
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      _ delete destination files and dirs that no longer exists in source.
      _ Preserve all Attributes.
      _ Show Robocopy Console window.
      _ Set Idle Time Delay.
      _ Open Backup Dir.

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      Previous downloads : 103
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      minimalist but handy !
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      And do not forget to create backup periodically !
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      Any suggestions how to add it? 
      Thanks in advance!
      RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /k ' & 'robocopy.exe "' & $SR1 & '" "' & $DS1 & '" ' & $PLC, @SystemDir)
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      I got a bit of a problem. I need to check some checkboxes on a site, wich I can't seem to do (using _IEFormElementCheckboxSelect & _IEAction). I can't even seem to get back the value of the checkboxes. (using _IEFormElementGetValue).

      Since I can't get the info I need straight from the Page Source, I use _IETagNameAllGetCollection, and then sift my way through the mess it returns!
      So far I have been succesfull in finding and manipulating buttons, textarea's, some tables, and dropdown select boxes on the site. All of them using the _IEFormElementGett & Set Value function.

      Through using $oElements = _IETagNameAllGetCollection($oIE), a For $oElement In $oElements / Next loop, and then checking the atrributes of $oElement, using $oElement.tagname, $oElement.id, $oElement.classname, $oElement.innertext & $oElement.Innerhtml.

      Thanks to this I located on of the checkboxes them self (I think).. TAG nr 165.. This is wat it looks like when the checkbox is checked:

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