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Who's up?


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Runs net view and shows who is up and running in a traytip.

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To do:

  • Ping
  • Some database(ish?) thing
  • Ability to add websites and other custom stuff
  • Being able to set custom timers for every check?

Who's up.au3

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If I understand this correctly, if I have a friend who lives several hundred miles away, I can check to see if his computer is powered on and internet connected?

NVM, dumb question. I ran it.

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Well no, net view is more of a local thing. But if I implement "Ping()" and "adding custom stuff" and he has a public IP and isn't blocking pings, it could be done that way.

Or you could write a couple of scripts that talk tcp/udp directly, then he would just need to open a port in his firewall (bonus: works over NAT), but would people want to run a script just so friend would know when they're online?

Oh and run "net help view" in cmd if you're wondering how it works.

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