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Pixelchecksum area scanning

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Hi. Im going to make a script witch is scanning for grapical changes. The problem is that the script is going to scan three or more areas at the same time, depending on a variable. If its = 1, one area wil be scanned and so on.. Anyone know how i can do that with autoit? Is it possible with three running loops scanning these different areas at the same time? Thanks

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Regarding 3 running loops: Not without three separate scripts. You could "time slice" the scanning routine by placing it in a loop and a conditional statement to execute the area you want...

While 1
   $temp += 1
   Switch $temp
      Case 1
         (scan region 1)
      Case 2
         (scan region 2)
      Case 3
         (scan region 3)
      Case Else
         $temp = 0

What are you scanning, by the way?

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There are a number of ways for scripts to communicate.

From file usage to dllstructs and memory reading.

Some terms to use in your search are.

Process communication

Script communication

Program comm...

You get the idae.

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