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Help with StringRegExp


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So I'm trying to pull data from a website and I hit a snag. I can't re-call what the parameter is to do a void or and command?


     <img src="

I have this in my website, I want to get what the img src is, so I want only to pull the data that comes after " and before the ending quotation mark.

I thought this would work:

$Image1 = StringRegExp($sSource,'<span>(/r)<img src="(.*?)"', 1)
MsgBox(0, "Test", $Image1[0])

Because using the /r I thought meant it would look for <span>+a line down+<img src=" and then start recording data. But that didn't seem to work.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be great!

--- EDIT ---

After doing some searching... and sadly enough.. realizing I had asked this before (SO sorry! I have a HORRIBLE memory) I found someone helped me but I never looked at it again.. for some reason.

Here is the code he did for me. (Thanks GEOSoft)

$a_Rslt = StringRegExp($sSource, "(?i)(?m:^)s*<imgssrc=.+(http.+.png).*column 1.*-->", 1)
If NOT @Error Then
    MsgBox(0, "Result", "The image you are after should be" & @CRLF & $a_Rslt[0])

And it works like a charm, but I would be happy if someone broke down the StringRegExp for me so I can understand exactly what the params are doing!

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