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COM Events Handling | Flow of the Process (to) AutoIt3 MVPs Developer

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COM Events Handling | Flow of the Process

If you are not AutoIt3 MVPs Developer or (user) somebody who aren't

interested in same topic please bypass this posting! :)

Just asking and talking about Flow of The Process of COM Handling.

Oh maybe also not. :(

The process flow of that object which calling AutoIt3 Events Handler will be

terminate prematurely on the start point of 'Func' or in other words that flow

are terminated before line 'End Func'.

I understand there no use for line like 'Return 1' so maybe you will think what

the point for waiting 'End Func' ?

Thats it please see there..

$Object = ObjCreate('abcd.vxyz')
$Events = ObjEvent($Object,'handler_')

Func handler_Event($param)
Local $return
$return = StringLower($param)

abcd.vxyz call _Event and will return before execution block 'Func ... EndFunc' ending.

so abcd.vxyz willn't know if 'handler_Event' process is have been finish or not. And Flow

of Process is become out of control.

If you are Developer of abcd.vxyz itself. The way to solve is easy. :oops:

What if you are not that Developer of abcd.vxyz and not have the

right to take a look to abcd.vxyz Source Code.

This method of return to abcd.vxyz will failed.

And for adding some simple explanation

Flow of Process become Out of Control, this are what make...

$Object = ObjCreate('abcd.vxyz')
$Events = ObjEvent($Object,'handler_')

Func handler_Event($msec)

Will'nt affect to abcd.vxyz

Difference Flow of Process on Event Handler AutoIt3 with:

Borland Delphi 6, Visual Basic 6, Java Script and etc.

Download (Diagram on PDF):

AutoIt3 Flow of Process Difference with other language (12 Kb)

The real failed implementation about what i'm talking here.

Download (Source, compiled version and screenshot):

AutoIt3 Failed Implementation (313 Kb)

Visual Basic 6 Success Implementation (21 Kb)

Borland Delphi 6 Sucess Implementation (185 Kb)

Javascript 5.6 Sucess Implementation (14 Kb)

Or visit path: http://www.seagea.com/com-handling/

Like what scientist say please make sure your research are objective!

Please don't be allergic to some blablabla brand because this are just sample :(

Hmm. Unfortunatelly i'm not have the right to take a look to AutoIt 3 Source Code

so then its (very) normal for asking to AutoIt3 MVPs Developer for this issues. :rip:

I wonder if i can have something like this.. in AutoIt3:

adding extra parameter of ObjEvent

from ~~ ObjEvent ( $ObjectVar, "functionprefix" , "interface name" )

tobe ~~ ObjEvent ( $ObjectVar, "functionprefix" , "interface name", $COMEventSynch)

$COMEventSynch = 1 for terminate the COM handling after EndFunc or function finished.

Maybe there is exist AutoIt3 Scripter who have same issues like me.

or this issuess have been posting in forum and i'm not known.

This is what you cann't solve by yourself by writing some line AutoIt3 script

until adding this feature itself to AutoIt3, or add some small line code to

AutoIt3 Engine Source Code. No not even that will adding some size to

AutoIt3 Engine just/only for gave (transfer) event (handling) to script (function).

I know and you also know the AutoIt3 MVPs Developer doesn't have obligation to

respons every request created by AutoIt3 Scripter.

Also I know what request will be ignored by MVPs Developer is something like

request adding inline support for graphical control (menu, button) or something..

something request to adding some feature which you can do it on AutoIt3 Script.

Even AutoIt3 MVPs Developer doesn't have obligation to do this and that.

please thinking again about it. Because this what i'm talking are common

feature/ability of language itself for COM Handling.

No way your response will be 'unfortunatelly your request are...bla...bla...'

or something like 'considering...bla...bla...'

Please don't posting something will make me more frustate about this. :D

Because :D

# Button. Progressbar - Graphical AutoIt3 Control (UDF) # GTK on AutoIt3 - GTK+ Framework | Widgets

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Eh, all that words to say you would like ObjEvent to be optionally synchronous.

Inform your self next time. Go thru feature requests, for example.




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Oh, so you read it all through? I gave up when I started running into obnoxious colors. Even by that point the post was too rambling for me to care about.

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Richard Robertson

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was unable to process the OP.

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