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Apparent bug with ACos()...


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One would expect $result1 to equal $result2 below:

$result1 = ACos(-1)

For $x = 1 to 5 ; < 5 = no bug

$result2 = ACos(-1)

MsgBox(0,"",$result1 & @CRLF & $result2)

For me (XP Pro SP3 and, it does not.

Edit: Always on the 7th call to ACos() that it goes south...

#include <Array.au3>
Global $result[11]

For $x = 1 to 10
    $result[$x] = ACos(-1)

It occurs both from within SciTE and as an executable.

Same result for those of you with Vista or W7?

(I suppose in case you can't recreate it, I ought to spell out what I'm seeing... I get the numeric value of Pi for the first 6 calls, and then "-1.#IND" forever after).

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