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_MemoryPointerRead Problem

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Hi, I am trying to Read from pointer. And value is always 0. Here is my code:

$Adresse = 0x0057c370
Dim $Offset[2] = [0, 0x0]
While 1
$Process = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("Tutorial-i386.exe"))
If Not @error Then
  $Value = _MemoryPointerRead($Adresse, $Process, $Offset)
  If Not @error Then ToolTip($Value[1], 0, 0)
Sleep(100);<<<<<<< Note this sleep this is how fast we read memory

The pointer address and offset is true.

The result is always $value[1] = 0

And I am using the latest version of NomadMemory. Thank you for your helps.

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You guys need to post a reproducer (short, working example script), saying "it doesn't work" means nothing.

Not only will many people ignore threads that don't provide the basics, but when someone still tries to help they often can't reproduce the error since it was the poster who did something wrong!

And that is quite possibly what happens now.

#include "NomadMemory.au3"

$struct = DllStructCreate("dword")
DllStructSetData($struct, 1, 11)
$ptr = DllStructGetPtr($struct)

$memory = _MemoryOpen(@AutoItPID)
ConsoleWrite(_MemoryRead($ptr, $memory) & @LF)
_MemoryWrite($ptr, $memory, 22)
ConsoleWrite(DllStructGetData($struct, 1) & @LF)

Runs fine.

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