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Help with $PixelGetColor

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I'm not sure if i did it properly but it doesn't seem to do what i want it to.

Func Pixel()
WinActivate("a program")
Global $xCoordinate = 716      
Global $yCoordinate = 728            
Global $PixelColour = 0xFFFF00   
Global $Pixel
   MouseClick ("left", 791, 434, 1, 200)
   Sleep (4000)
   Send ("^f")
   Sleep (3000)
   MouseClick ("left", 849, 435, 1, 200)
   Sleep (1000)
   $Pixel = PixelGetColor($xCoordinate, $YCoordinate)
  Until Hex($Pixel, 6) = $PixelColour
Msgbox(0,"Colour Found", "The requested colour, "&$PixelColour&" was found at the coordinates of ("&$xCoordinate&","&$yCoordinate&").")
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