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Making functions to use in C#

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I don't know if this is the right section. I'm trying to move on to C# after i learnt the basics with autoit, but I'm still much more confident with autoit which is mostly not object oriented (at least I think, I'm still noob to programming) and I would like to know if is possible to make some DLL with functions made in autoit which i can include and use freely in my C# programs.

With this I mean (I need explanations, sorry) I do for example a function like this in autoit:

Func Sum($a,$b)
return a

and i want to export it to my C# program so i can call Sum(a,:oops: into my program.

Is that possible, and if it is, How so?

How to build the DLL and make it work togheter with my program? I don't know much about dlls and I'm not very expert in programming, so is this too much for me or it could be done easily?

Thanks for the patience and move the topic if it isn't in the right section.

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