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Best way to do a file check/re-write

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So I have an INI with a bunch of different items in it. And in the program you can change a value of a section that corresponds to a different section. Now, to stop duplicates and also be able to continue adding to the ini correctly I wanted to see what the easiest way would be.

I know this probably sounds confusing or something, but I'll try to explain.


1=Partly Cloudy
2=Isolated T-Storms
3=Mostly Cloudy
4=Mostly Sunny

Partly Cloudy=45,200
Isolated T-Storms=37,200
Mostly Cloudy=45,200
Mostly Sunny=47,200

So that is how the ini is setup. The Status section is the text for the label, and the XY is the X,Y location for the label.

$CheckForDuplicate = IniReadSection("Statuses.ini", "Status")
  For $i = 1 To $CheckForDuplicate[0][0]
   If $CheckForDuplicate[0][1] = $OverViewStatus[1] Then
    $MsgBox = MsgBox(4,"Duplicate entry", "A duplicate entry has been found, over write previous alignment?")
    If $MsgBox = 7 Then

Now with this code I'll check for duplicates, but if I find one, what would be the best way to over-write it easily? Also, I'll need a section for if there is no duplicate. Would I need to do a FileReadLine, add +1 to the value for the INI Status and then add the X,Y, as well?

Just looking for some suggestions on the best way to do this, thanks ;)


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Better approach will be to avoid creating duplicates instead of removing them post.

I think with different INI structure it avoid duplicates:

1=Partly Cloudy|45,200
2=Isolated T-Storms|37,200
3=Mostly Cloudy|45,200
4=Mostly Sunny|47,200

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