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How could i do this: If i run an .exe file, then my program open an msgbox with the process's name in it (i mean, i open mozilla firefox msgbox pop ups, and writes firefox.exe in it). I dont want to do ProcessExists with every single .exe file in the world, because i want to see my own programs names as well. So, i want it something like this: I open mozilla firefox, an msgbox pop ups, and writes firefox.exe in it. And so on, with everything else like that. I want to do it just with .exe files.

I already tried _ProcessGetName, it does anything else, it's not that what i want.

really really sorry for my english, and for my grammar.

thank you

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Because i have to wait until the window comes "active". I dont want this, I just run it, it doesnt have to come active, and it pops up an msgbox with the .exe name in it.

WinWaitActive("[CLASS:Notepad]", "")

$pid = WinGetProcess("[CLASS:Notepad]", "")

$name = _ProcessGetName($pid)

you have to write the window's name first. its like doing processexists with all the exe files.thats why its not good for me now

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Okay. So, lets say there is one .exe file on somebodys computer, and we dont know its name.

We want to do this: If the stranger opens the .exe file (we dont know its name!), then an msgbox pops up, and writes the .exe files name in it. Like the code that you wrote, but i want to avoid to write all the words, programs name, etc. So i want to watch every .exe file in the world, without writing them in sections like this

If ProcessExists("Firefox.exe") Then




I hope you understand now, what i want to do.

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Take a look at processlist()

With that you can get a list of all the current running processes.

You can then put the same function in a loop, and check in another loop if any other

processes are started apart from them already running, and show a msgbox.

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