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Can't Close File After Opening

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Basically, I'm opening a file in mode 2, clearing it, then closing it. There is a while loop that reads from the file every few seconds, and if it contains a certain text then the file is opened and cleared again.

The problem is after the function is called to clear the file, then close it, I can't write to the file again. I get the error that the file path is invalid, which means the file is still in use.

My code is a bit messy and I put some unecessary stuff in there to try to help me catch the problem but that isn't working.

Here is the script:

; Begin script

; Set file
$filename = "teleportreader.txt"
; $text = FileRead($filename)
; Set replace
$replace = "next|special|\s"
;$text = " "
;$cleartext = StringRegExpReplace($replace,$replace,"")

while 1

$what = FileRead($filename)
If $what = "next" Then
ToolTip("going to sleep", 0, 0)
ToolTip("waking up", 0, 0)
; Clear the file
;$hf = FileOpen($filename,1)

Func clear()
  $cleartext = StringRegExpReplace($what,$replace,"")
;$hf = FileOpen($filename,2)
FileOpen($filename, 2)
$fname = FileOpen($filename, 2)

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From the helpfile reference - FileWrite:

Do not mix filehandles and filenames, i.e., don't FileOpen a file and then use a filename in this function. Either use filehandles or filenames in your routines, not both.

I haven't tested the script but from a quick glance it looks like this could be causing your problems (possibly).

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Yes you cant use FileClose with a filename.

When you work with filenames on FileRead/Write operations, the file is opened and closed automatically after the operation has finished.

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Do this:

Func clear()
 $cleartext = StringRegExpReplace($what, $replace, "")
 $fname = FileOpen($filename, 2)
EndFunc   ;==>clear

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