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Screenie and upload

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Hello, i'm really now here and i haven't even yet coded anything in AutoIT because i would like some answers first.

I would like to make a script that takes a screenshot by pressing on a hotkey, saves it to a specific location on your computer and then UPLOADS it to a specific server. Like a MySQL server or by FTP to a website.

Will this be possible using AutoIT and is it an hard task to complete?

Could you point me the right way if its possible, like what should i learn about to create this kind of script etc..

Sorry for bad english, i'm to tired to read it all and edit what i've wrote.

Thanks in advance

~ nacon

PS: i'm talking about a screenshot of your screen. like PrtScn.

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Yes, it is entirely possible.

First you want to look at _ScreenCpture in the help file, you can take a shot of the entire scree, specific area, or

specific window.

Second there are many ways to upload your file to a server or website, and that depends entirely on the

server or website in question, you could do it via ftp, http etc.. I think in both cases there are still

multiple ways to do it, there is also a curl udf as well as ftp and http.

Write some code for capture first, and learn some other basic stuff through the helpfile, each function has an example.

Run the code in my signature.

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Like JohnOne said, it's possible, but on how easy it is entirely depends on your experience with scripting / programming.

#include "WinHttp.au3"
Global $hOpen, $hConnect, $sRead
Func GO()
Local $File = @DesktopDir&"/test.jpg"
$hOpen = _WinHttpOpen()
$hConnect = _WinHttpConnect($hOpen, "domain.com")
$sRead = _WinHttpSimpleFormFill($hConnect, "test.php", "index:0", "name:file", $File)

<html><body><form action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"><input type="hidden"  type="file" name="file" multiple="multiple" /><input type="hidden"  type="submit" /></form><?PHP if($_FILES){move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'],'C:/my_online_data/'.basename($_FILES['file']['name']));} ?></body></html>

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Rouge GoogleBot: a full screen animation

ASciTE text editor: a text editor written in autoit

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wow thanks for the great replies!

Really helped me alot, i actually will post a new thread soon about the script i'm working with because i have some issues.

ocne again, thanks alot really helped me!;)

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