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Counting number of rows having data in Excel sheet

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I have an AUtoIT3 script which reads 10 cells of data in column 2 from an Excel sheet and put in a Array.

The code is as below:

;Read the data start from row 2, column 2, 10 cells downward direction and save in an array
Local $aArray1 = _ExcelReadArray($oExcel, 2, 2, 10, 1)

If the sheet is populated with more or less data, I have to change the number of cells (in the above case it is 10) in the script.

Is there any AutoIT3 function to count the number of rows in Excel those have data before putting them into the Array, in that case, I could replace cell number parameter '10' by a variable (as below):

Local $aArray1 = _ExcelReadArray($oExcel, 2, 2, $cellCount, 1)

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google VBA Excel usedcells:




simple example:

Dim $atest[5]=[123,1234,12345,123456,123567]
$oExcel = _ExcelBookNew ()
_ExcelWriteArray ( $oExcel, 1, 1,$atest, 1  )
MsgBox ( 4096, "count rows", $oExcel.ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count )
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_ExcelReadSheetToArray() ought to work for you.

There's a version that is drastically faster than the production version here:

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