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_MouseTrapCircle works similar like _MouseTrap, but with trapping inside a circle.

Two additional features:

• With parameter for GUI-handle the given coordinates are used as relative in GUI. By default are absolute coordinates used.

• You can set an timeout to ends trapping without function call. Default ends by call function without parameters.

It's not perfect. Can be pulled out of the circle with a very fast mouse movement.

Edit: Bug fixed in example (diameter instaed radius has used in _PointInCircle)

#Region - TimeStamp
; 2012-07-23 16:52:11 v 0.3
#EndRegion - TimeStamp

#Include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#Include <WinAPI.au3>


If Not IsDeclared('$__HC_ACTION') Then Global Const $__HC_ACTION = 0
Global $__hSTUB__MouseProcTrap, $__hMOD_TRAP, $__hHOOK_MOUSE_TRAP
Global $__iXCtr_Trap, $__iYCtr_Trap, $__iRadius_Trap, $__hWND_Trap
Global $__MouseTrapCircle_Started = False, $__Timer_Trap = -1, $__iTimeout_Trap
Global $__iTopBorder, $__iSideBorder
_SystemGetWindowBorder($__iTopBorder, $__iSideBorder)

; Function Name....: _MouseTrapCircle
; Description......: Hold the mouse trapped in a circle
; .................: Call without parameters, ends trapping.
; Parameter(s).....: $_iXCentre x-coordinate of the circle center
; .................: $_iYCentre y-coordinate of the circle center
; .................: $_iRadius Radius of the circle
; ........optional.: $_iTimeout Time in ms after trapping ends, without an function call (Default=-1, no timeout)
; ........optional.: $_hWnd  If given: $_iXCentre and $_iYCentre are used as relative to this window.
; .................:             Default: Coordinates are absolut on screen
; Return Value(s)..: Nothing
; Author(s)........: BugFix ( bugfix@autoit.de )
Func _MouseTrapCircle($_iXCentre=-1, $_iYCentre=-1, $_iRadius=-1, $_iTimeout=-1, $_hWnd=-1)
If $_iXCentre = -1 Or $_iYCentre = -1 Or $_iRadius = -1 Then
__MouseTrapCircle_StartUp($_iXCentre, $_iYCentre, $_iRadius, $_iTimeout, $_hWnd)
EndFunc ;==>_MouseTrapCircle

#region - Internal functions
; Function Name....: __MouseTrapCircle_StartUp
; Description......: Initialize functions
Func __MouseTrapCircle_StartUp($_iXCentre, $_iYCentre, $_iRadius, $_iTimeout, $_hWnd)
$__MouseTrapCircle_Started = True
$__iXCtr_Trap = $_iXCentre
$__iYCtr_Trap = $_iYCentre
$__iRadius_Trap = $_iRadius
$__hWND_Trap = $_hWnd
If IsHWnd($__hWND_Trap) Then
Local $aWin = WinGetPos($__hWND_Trap)
$__iXCtr_Trap = $aWin[0] + $__iSideBorder + $__iXCtr_Trap
$__iYCtr_Trap = $aWin[1] + $__iTopBorder + $__iYCtr_Trap
If $_iTimeout > 0 Then
$__Timer_Trap = TimerInit()
$__iTimeout_Trap = $_iTimeout
; == initialize Callback Function to analyze MOUSE-Message
$__hSTUB__MouseProcTrap = DllCallbackRegister("__MouseProcTrap", "long", "int;wparam;lparam")
$__hMOD_TRAP = _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle(0)
$__hHOOK_MOUSE_TRAP = _WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx($WH_MOUSE_LL, DllCallbackGetPtr($__hSTUB__MouseProcTrap), $__hMOD_TRAP)
EndFunc ;==>__MouseTrapCircle_StartUp

; Function Name....: __MouseTrapCircle_ShutDown
; Description......: Close ressources
Func __MouseTrapCircle_ShutDown()
If $__MouseTrapCircle_Started Then
EndFunc ;==>__MouseTrapCircle_ShutDown

; Function Name....: __MouseProcTrap
; Description......: Callback mouse procedure
Func __MouseProcTrap($nCode, $wParam, $lParam)
If $__Timer_Trap <> -1 And TimerDiff($__Timer_Trap) >= $__iTimeout_Trap Then Return __MouseTrapCircle_ShutDown()
If $nCode <> $__HC_ACTION Then Return _WinAPI_CallNextHookEx($__hHOOK_MOUSE_TRAP, $nCode, $wParam, $lParam)
Local Static $iXComp = -1, $iYComp = -1
Local $iX, $iY, $iXMove, $iYMove, $oldOpt
Local $iDirX = 0, $iDirY = 0
Local $tMSLLHOOKSTRUCT = DllStructCreate("int X;int Y;dword mouseData;dword flags;dword time;ulong_ptr dwExtraInfo", $lParam)
Local $tPoint = DllStructCreate('int;int')
$iX = DllStructGetData($tMSLLHOOKSTRUCT, 1)
$iY = DllStructGetData($tMSLLHOOKSTRUCT, 2)
DllStructSetData($tPoint, 1, $iX)
DllStructSetData($tPoint, 2, $iY)
If $iXComp = -1 Then
$iXComp = $iX
$iYComp = $iY

Switch $wParam
If $iX > $iXComp Then
$iDirX = -1
ElseIf $iX < $iXComp Then
$iDirX = 1
If $iY > $iYComp Then
$iDirY = -1
ElseIf $iY < $iYComp Then
$iDirY = 1
If Not _PointInCircle($iX, $iY, $__iXCtr_Trap, $__iYCtr_Trap, $__iRadius_Trap) Then
$oldOpt = Opt('MouseCoordMode', 1)
MouseMove($iX +($iDirX), $iY +($iDirY), 0)
If IsHWnd($__hWND_Trap) Then
Local $tRect = _WinAPI_GetWindowRect($__hWND_Trap)
If Not _WinAPI_PtInRect($tRect, $tPoint) Then MouseMove($__iXCtr_Trap, $__iYCtr_Trap, 0)
Opt('MouseCoordMode', $oldOpt)
Return -1


Return _WinAPI_CallNextHookEx($__hHOOK_MOUSE_TRAP, $nCode, $wParam, $lParam)
EndFunc ;==>__MouseProcTrap

; Function Name....: __PointInCircle
; Description......: Calculates whether given position within a circle
; Author(s)........: BugFix ( bugfix@autoit.de )
Func _PointInCircle($_iXPt, $_iYPt, $_iXCircle, $_iYCircle, $_iRadius)
Return ((Sqrt(($_iXCircle-Abs($_iXPt))^2 + ($_iYCircle-Abs($_iYPt))^2)) < $_iRadius)
EndFunc ;==>__PointInCircle

; Function Name....: __SystemGetWindowBorder
; Description......: Calculates side and top border of window
; Author(s)........: BugFix ( bugfix@autoit.de )
Func _SystemGetWindowBorder(ByRef $_iTopBorder, ByRef $_iSideBorder)
Local Const $SM_CYCAPTION = 4, $SM_CYEDGE = 46, $SM_CYBORDER = 6, $SM_CXBORDER = 5, $SM_CXEDGE = 45
Local $aMetrics[5][2] = [[$SM_CYCAPTION], [$SM_CYEDGE], [$SM_CYBORDER], [$SM_CXBORDER], [$SM_CXEDGE]]
Local $dll = DllOpen("user32.dll"), $aRet
For $i = 0 To 4
$aRet = DllCall($dll, "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", $aMetrics[$i][0])
If IsArray($aRet) Then $aMetrics[$i][1] = $aRet[0]
$_iTopBorder = $aMetrics[0][1] + $aMetrics[1][1] + $aMetrics[2][1]
$_iSideBorder = $aMetrics[3][1] + $aMetrics[4][1]
EndFunc ;==>__SystemGetWindowBorder



Edited by BugFix

Best Regards BugFix  

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I like it, but I don't where I should use it.

Maybe sometimes it will be useful to me.


If _PointInCircle($aMouse[0], $aMouse[1], $aWin[0]+$iSide+150, $aWin[1]+$iTop+150, 90) Then

should be

If _PointInCircle($aMouse[0], $aMouse[1], $aWin[0]+$iSide+150, $aWin[1]+$iTop+150, 45) Then

in example.

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to
build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe
trying to produce bigger and better idiots.
So far, the Universe is winning.

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Oops, thank you funkey. The function has worked before with diameter. Than i've changed it to radius, but i've forgotten to make the change in example too.

Best Regards BugFix  

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