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Slider control problem

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Hello !

I tried to create 2 slider to set the state of video in my script :

#include <ButtonConstants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <SliderConstants.au3>
#include <DSEngine.au3>

Global $MovieGUI, $VideoPlay, $VideoStop, $VideoOpen, $VideoPos, $VideoVol, $ViewerVideo, $VideoPos2
Global $mVol, $mLength, $mVideoPlaying

$MovieGUI = GUICreate("Movie Player", 740, 590, -1, -1, -1)
$VideoPlay = GUICtrlCreateButton("PLAY", 20, 520, 100, 50)
$VideoStop = GUICtrlCreateButton("STOP", 140, 520, 100, 50)
$VideoOpen = GUICtrlCreateButton("OPEN", 260, 520, 100, 50)
$VideoSlow = GUICtrlCreateButton("SLOW", 380, 520, 100, 50)
$VideoSpeed = GUICtrlCreateButton("SPEED", 500, 520, 100, 50)
$VideoPos = GUICtrlCreateSlider(20, 490, 660, 25, $TBS_ENABLESELRANGE)
$ViewerVideo = GUICreate("", 660, 400, 20, 70, $WS_POPUP, BitOR($WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW, $WS_DISABLED, $WS_EX_MDICHILD), $MovieGUI)
$VideoPos2 = GUICtrlCreateSlider(0, 380, 660, 25, $TBS_ENABLESELRANGE)
GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0x0)
GUISetBkColor(0, $ViewerVideo)
WinSetTrans($ViewerVideo, "", 220)
GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $ViewerVideo)
GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $MovieGUI)

While 1
$MSG = GUIGetMsg()
Switch $MSG
Case $VideoOpen
$PathVideo = FileOpenDialog("Open Video", "", "All Video(*.Avi;*.Wmp;*.Mkv;*.Flv;*.Mp4;*.Mpg;*.Ts)|All File(*.*)|Video(*.Avi; *.Wmp)", 1 + 4)

If $mVideoPlaying = True Then
;~ GUICtrlSetState($VideoPos2, $GUI_ONTOP)
Switch $MSG
Case $VideoStop
GUICtrlSetData($VideoPos, Engine_GetLength())
GUISetBkColor(0x00000, $ViewerVideo)
WinSetTrans($ViewerVideo, "", 220)
Case $VideoPlay
Switch GUICtrlRead($VideoPlay)
Case "PLAY"
GUICtrlSetData($VideoPlay, "PAUSE")
Case "PAUSE"
GUICtrlSetData($VideoPlay, "PLAY")
Case $VideoSpeed
Case $VideoSlow
$mGGCI = GUIGetCursorInfo($MovieGUI)
If IsArray($mGGCI) And $mGGCI[4] = $VideoPos And $mGGCI[2] = 1 Then
While $mGGCI[2]
$mGGCI = GUIGetCursorInfo($MovieGUI)
$mPos = GUICtrlRead($VideoPos)

GUICtrlSetData($VideoPos, Engine_GetPosition())

GUICtrlSetData($VideoPos2, Engine_GetPosition())EndIf

Func PlayVideo($SavePath)
If $SavePath <> "" Then
Global $mVol = GUICtrlRead($VideoVol)
Engine_LoadFile($SavePath, $ViewerVideo)
$mLength = Engine_GetLength()
GUICtrlSetLimit($VideoPos, $mLength, 0)

GUICtrlSetLimit($VideoPos2, $mLength, 0)$mVideoPlaying = True
EndFunc ;==>PlayVideo

The slider 2 ($VideoPos2) is hidden while the film is screened, but I want it to be shown. Could you tell me how to do this ?

All answers are welcome.

Edited by MrVietA2

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Thanks JohnOne but it doesn't work :(

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      This UDF can be used to create a slider with an imagebackground and an image to move.
      If you like it, please leave me a comment, also if you have any suggestions to make it better or if you found bugs.
      Edit: Its now possible to set the value of the Slider (__GDIPlusSlider_set($Slider,$value))
    • careca
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      Hi, found a post about something like this, but didn't quite get it.

      The problem here is that i have a slider, and when i click somewhere in the slider,
      the thingy starts jumping in the direction of the mouse press, but doesn't quite stay where im clicking.

      Then it seemed like using "_GUICtrlSlider_Create" instead of "GUICtrlCreateSlider" would be a good option,
      but it messed up everything, as the "GUICtrlSetData" doesn't work with it.

      What are my options?