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FileFindFirstFile().. Am I doing this right?

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The program is supposed to search for *.pst files, then copy the results to a server share.

What am I doing wrong? It doesn't seem to be doing anything.

$nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
Switch $nmsg
Case $bckuppst
While 1
FileCopy($pst1, "\\majordc01\backups\" & @UserName, 8)
FileCopy($pst2, "\\majordc01\backups\" & @UserName, 8)
if @error then ExitLoop


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Are the .pst files all in one directory? If so, I would do something simple like this.

$dir1 = @DesktopDir & "Test"
$dir2 = @DesktopDir & "Test2"
FileCopy($dir1 & "*.pst", $dir2)

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