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Selecting Programs with Checkbox

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Hey all,

So here is what I'm trying to accomplish: I'm working on a program to automate my PC repair business. I have the individual scripts finished, and am working on the GUI portion now. I am still testing how exactly I want it, but one idea I had was I would like to have several checkboxes along with a "Run" button (or similar) that will run the programs pertaining to the boxes that are checked.

Here is my current program (GUI portion):

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
$ConnectionTest = "ConnectionTest.exe"
$InstallOnline = "Install (Online).exe"
$DefragglerCheckBox = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("Defraggler", 300, 300, 100, 30)
$Defraggler = "Defraggler.exe"

Func _Main()
Local $filemenu, $fileitem, $recentfilesmenu, $separator1
Local $exititem, $helpmenu, $aboutitem, $okbutton, $cancelbutton
Local $msg, $file
#forceref $separator1
GUICreate("GUI menu", 400, 500)
$filemenu = GUICtrlCreateMenu("File")
$fileitem = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Open...", $filemenu)
$recentfilesmenu = GUICtrlCreateMenu("Recent Files", $filemenu)
$separator1 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("", $filemenu)
$exititem = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Exit", $filemenu)
$helpmenu = GUICtrlCreateMenu("?")
$aboutitem = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("About", $helpmenu)
$ConnectionTestButton = GUICtrlCreateButton("Connection Tests", 50, 250, 150, 20)
$InstallOnlineButton = GUICtrlCreateButton("Install (Online)", 200, 250, 150, 20)
$DefragglerCheckBox = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("Defraggler", 300, 300, 100, 30)

If GUICtrlRead($DefragglerCheckBox) = 1 Then
If GUICtrlRead($DefragglerCheckBox) = 1 Then

$cancelbutton = GUICtrlCreateButton("Cancel", 150, 350, 70, 20)
GUICtrlCreatePic("logo.jpg", 0, 0, 400, 200)
While 1
$msg = GUIGetMsg()

Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Or $msg = $cancelbutton
Case $msg = $fileitem
$file = FileOpenDialog("Choose file...", @TempDir, "All (*.*)")
If @error <> 1 Then GUICtrlCreateMenuItem($file, $recentfilesmenu)
Case $msg = $exititem
Case $msg = $InstallOnlineButton
Case $msg = $ConnectionTestButton

Case $msg = $aboutitem
MsgBox(0, "About", "Matthew's AutoWork v1.0")
EndFunc ;==>_Main

I was trying to accomplish this with the "Defraggler" portion. As mentioned, I'm not even close. I might get this eventually, but I would much rather prefer some assistance and figure this out sooner than I would on my own.

Thanks in advance!

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I may be missing something here, but that GUI only seems to have one checkbox.

The idea is to have someone give me an example. I was trying to get just a single checkbox to work on my own.

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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>


Func Example()
    Local $n, $msg

    GUICreate("My GUI (GetControlState)")
    $n = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("checkbox", 10, 10)
    GUICtrlSetState(-1, 1) ; checked

    GUISetState() ; will display an empty dialog box

    ; Run the GUI until the dialog is closed
    While 1
        $msg = GUIGetMsg()

        If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then ExitLoop

    If GUICtrlRead($n) = $GUI_CHECKED Then
EndFunc   ;==>Example

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