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@SW_MINIMIZE problem

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Hi I'm trying to minimize my VirtualMachine Window when it is booting.

I don't want that is showed on screen the window of XP machine when it is loading but i have some difficult.

If i test using "The Gui of VirtualBox" --> Run("app64\VirtualBox.exe", "", @SW_MINIMIZE) It's ok, windows is minimized

but if i start Virtual Machine using its correct parameteres to execute, don't run:

; Script ONE

$DIR="C:\Program Files\MyProg\VirtualBox"

Run("app64\Virtualbox.exe --startvm ""WinXP""", $DIR, @SW_MINIMIZE)

The only way that i have found is running Virtual Machine

and test the state of window.

In this mode runs but the window appear again also if only for half second (about).

; Script TWO

$Title="WinXP [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox"

Run("app64\Virtualbox.exe --startvm ""WinXP""")

While WinGetState($Title)=0

WinSetState($Title, "", @SW_MINIMIZE)


To increase to maximum speed to minimize window, better than Script Two, the only way is this

; Script THREE

Run("app64\Virtualbox.exe --startvm ""WinXP""")


WinSetState("WinXP", "", @SW_MINIMIZE)

The result is that the window is showed only 0,1 .. 0,2 seconds, but always appear.

There is no way to MINIMIZED window without that it is showed before ??

I have proved testing with command

- WinExists

- WinGetTitle

but window always appear for few istants

Have some council to give me ??


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Yes i have.S ame problem. It was my 1st step that i have considered,and only then i have proved also @SW_MINIMIZE but nothing to do.

The problem is generated from the options --startvm ""WinXP"" that i must add behind VirtualBox.exe into string command in order to start Virtual Machine

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I have saw in task manager that when i start my virtualMachine using VirtualBox.exe automatically starts also VboxSVC.exe.

Is For you this exe that creates the Window showed on screen that i can't minimized ??

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just tested under XP with VirtualPC hdd located in my documents folder linked to VirtualBox program and this works just fine for me on VirtualBox

Run('C:Program FilesOracleVirtualBoxVirtualBox.exe --startvm "WinXP"', 'C:Program FilesOracleVirtualBox',@SW_MINIMIZE)

setting it to @SW_HIDE, win dont show but from Task Manager i can see process running so im assumming that @SW_HIDE is working 2.

youl notice that im using The full path of the program

i dont know how the things are done on win7 but telling program to run from

"C:Program FilesMyProgVirtualBox" if your path is (and you did not tupe in its full path) "app64Virtualbox.exe" is little discouraging and i'm afraid i don't understand what you're trying to achieve with them.

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Thanks but also using all full path under my win7 x64 don't run.

Installation have inserted file VirtualBox.exe in folder .....VirtualBoxapp64

is not 32bit but x64

:-( i will try again

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