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is this possable with autoit

when my gui open a web page ,

and my user logs into the web site

and lands on a user page

can autoit check to see if this page exist , like( if winexist ) but more like if url exist

im sorry for uncleare explanaction

all i need is my script to wait till a user logs in to my website befor continuing , i happy will a simple single line of code ie if url exist

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;;;;;;;;;; so below i have my button

Case $msg = $button1

MsgBox(4096, "WAR OF THE POKRBOT, MAN V MACHINE ,POWER OF POKERBOT", "man never stood a chance going to the web site please check out our greate profiles too", 1)

Run(@Comspec & " /c start " & "http://www.thesiteofchoice.com")

;;;;;;;; user presses button

;;;;;;;;and website loads up login page user then logs in

;;;;;;;;new url pops up

;;;;;;;;;is there a bit of code to i can use in a func() that will return 1 if this certain page exist


func webpagethere()

if http://www.thesiteofchoice.com/loggedin.php exist then

reuturn 1



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