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Anti ARP spoofing

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I'm trying to make a simple script that will protect my computers against ARP spoofing and avoiding dowloading third party programs like Xarp.

I've managed to write the script but now I'm having the problem that when the script runs it accumulates space usage on the RAM.

The scrip is only 4Kb (compared to Xarp@4mb) and uses at first 2-3mb of ram but after a while it grows to 15mb++. it seems to grow after every cmd comands so that might be the problem, since I'm new to autoit, I don't know what to do.

;--------Run the script when you are pretty sure you are not being poisoned
$comand=" /c arp "
$IP=InputBox("Routers IP","Please enter the Routers IP:","","",177,130)
$comand=$comand&$IP&" -g>C:\ARPOG.txt"

;Sets the comand string to create the second text file
$cmd = Run(@Comspec & $comand, "", @SW_HIDE)
$comand=" /c arp "
$comand=$comand&$IP&" -g>C:\ARP.txt"

;-This will create a secon txt file for detecting any MAC adress changes
$cmd = Run(@Comspec & $comand, "", @SW_HIDE)
global $time
sleep ($time)
;---Reads the new text to compare it with the Original MAC
$text=FileReadLine($string, 4)

;-----check the original MAC
$text2=FileReadLine($string, 4)

;-----Compares the two macs
if $text=$text2 Then
MsgBox(0,"ALERT!","Original Routers MAC was:"&$text2&": now :"&$text&" Cleaning ARP table and checking if it still doesn't maches")
$comand=" /c arp "
$comand=$comand&$IP&" -d"
$cmd = Run(@Comspec & $comand, "", @SW_HIDE)
$comand=" /c arp "
$comand=$comand&$IP&" -g>C:\ARP.txt"
local $exit=0
until $exit=1

Is there a way to make it stop using RAM space?, or is it because of the way it's coded?

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Well one thing I see is you're opening the files every time through the loop using FileOpen, you should only need to do this one time for each file, just open it and then read from it. Also, if you can't do it that way, then you need to use FileClose at the end of the loop before it goes back to the start of it, you're never closing the files you just opened.

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hehe yeah sorry about that, a few minutes after I posted that I thought of that and yeah it was because I was opening the files witouth closing them.

Thanks anyways :D

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