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Newbie help: Auto-focus window but allow Windows Screensaver?

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I have succesfully created a script that automatically keeps focus on a certain window (and loops forever).

But while the script runs it seems Windows screensaver isnt activating.

Below my script:

While 1 = 1
   WinActivate ("[windowname]")

I'd like to know how to make a script that focuses the window only when screensaver is not running. And if screensaver is running it would focus screensaver.

I know that if I choose from the program I focus to "always on top" it will go over Windows screensaver, so I suspect the screensaver does run but the program window stays on top of it.

Or does my script prevent screensaver from running totally? I run it as an exe.

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Thank you for your reply!

Does the If sentence work, if the program window has a changing title for example Program - Page X -> Program - Page Y

Or is there a wildcard I could use with WinActive (for example ("[windowname*]"))?

Sorry for being such a noob but I am a total noob with AutoIt :)

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Hmm, if I have two windows with same starting but other one has extra in the end, say:

Prog - c:xxxyyy



I could use Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",2)


WinActivate ("[Prog - ]")

It would work only for the window that has the extra ending, right?

And thank you very much for your help, again.

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Sorry, my mistake, try this


While 1
    If Not WinActive("[windowname]") And Not ProcessExists("scrnsave.scr") Then

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