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filecopy wont copy

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this code WILL copy an HD video file from the source to the destination.

It WILL NOT copy audio files which are much smaller.

do I need to tell the script to wait until the 1st copy (the HD video) is done before any subsequent copies start.

Local $export_folder_name = "11-27-12 OPEN EXPORTS\"
Local $DAW3 = "C:\Documents and Settings\sebrad\Desktop\Open PM3\11-27-12"
Local $DAW1 = "\\\Incoming Projects DAW1\Promos\Open PM\"

Local $FileList = _FileListToArray("\\\Incoming Projects DAW1\Promos\Open PM\" & $export_folder_name)
;_ArrayDisplay($FileList, "$FileList")

For $i = 1 To $FileList[0] ;the [0] element holds the count

If StringInStr($FileList[$i], "mxf") Then
MsgBox(8192,"FILE111",$DAW1 & $export_folder_name & $FileList[$i])
;FileCopy($DAW1 & $export_folder_name & $FileList[$i],$DAW3,1 )

If StringInStr($FileList[$i], "wav") Then
MsgBox(8192,"FILE222",$DAW1 & $export_folder_name & $FileList[$i])
FileCopy($DAW1 & $export_folder_name & $FileList[$i],$DAW3,1 )


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