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How to pick between 2 windows ?

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Basic send example :

msgbox (1,"Ready ?","Send 1 every 3.5 ")

While 1

ControlSend("[CLASS:GxWindowClass]", "" , "" , "1")

Sleep(3500 )


This works but when you open 2 windows it only clicks on the last one that was active.

So I tried getting the handle and using the handle in the title.

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 3)


$handle = ControlGetHandle("[CLASS:GxWindowClass]", "", "")


ControlSend($handle, "" , "" , "1")

It still only sends on the last window that was active ...

The point of this is to simply send text to a window that is currently not active

Help plz ?

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This particular one is easier to show than explain.

$a_WinList = WinList("[CLASS:GxWindowClass]")

For $i = 1 To $a_WinList[0][0]
    MsgBox(0,"Handle of " & $a_WinList[$i][0], $a_WinList[$i][1])

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