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Clearing cookies/sessions in _IECreateEmbedded()

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Hi All,

I'm trying to write a small program that automatically logs on to a website using a username and password provided and screenshots the front page (I've checked and this is not against the site's rules).

I have the script working using _IECreateEmbedded(), however for some reason the user stays logged in on the website even after I restart my machine. I will be creating a way to actually sign out of the website as well, however to me this implies that some where cookies/sessions are being stored which I do not wish to happed. So is there any way I can flush the cookies/sessions created by the IE instance or something?

Thanks in advance

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A thought - Try to change the expiration date of each cookie you want to delete to now.

I am not in control of the cookies unfortunately - unless you can do this from within AutoIt, in which case I don't know how.

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Is there any way that I could output the contents of the $oIE object so that I can check what cookies are actually stored in there because I've tried setting all the cookie names I can think of to 0 and I am still signed in. Unfortunately when I tried just making $oIE.document = "" I received an error saying that the requested action had failed. I just don't understand because surely the variable is overwritten every time the the script starts anyway and so the contents would be discarded!?

Also I can't see that it has much to do with the actual browser because I've just checked on both Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer 64-bit and I'm not signed into the website on either of them.

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