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Alternative method to _inetgetsource()

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Hello, I have been recently making a downloader that downloads a set of java files for an end user, one at a time, verifying the integrity of each file along the way, however I have run into a small problem. 

The files (jars) run on linux, and as such I would LOVE for my downloader to be able to run under WINE in linux, however just one of my functions does not operate under wine, the one that uses inetgetsource(), I assume because by default WINE does not include this library.


I was wondering if either 

1)There was a way to include the windows dll required to call this function in my script, and manually load it up inside my program, to enable the function to work.


2)There was an alternative method of getting the source of a webpage, that uses a different method, which may work under WINE(I can of course test the methods myself, if you are unsure).

I would really appreciate any help with this matter.



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If WinINet is not available maybe you can try WinHTTP. Find WinHttp.au3 in examples and check like this:

#include "WinHttp.au3"

Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1)

If Not _WinHttpCheckPlatform() Then
    MsgBox(48, "Caution", "WinHTTP not available on your system!")
    Exit 1

MsgBox(4o96, "Okey dokey", "WinHTTP can be used. Yay!")

;... The rest of the code




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