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Script Return value to its parent script(selenium).

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I need some help in here.

I am doing some automation in selenium, which needs use of autoit to handle some task.

My task is :

I have to click a link on Firefox so download dialog box(window popup not browser) will appear and (USE OF AUTOIT START HERE) than i have to open file(file is txt so will open in notepad). Now i have to assert that file has some particular line in that notepad file and have copy that text and send it to my selenium script.  While doing this My Selenium script should wait for the result, or may take input from autoit about that line. If that line is present script should move forward else should fail.

I am have automated upto opening my file in notepad but problem is how to get some return value from autoit (complete line if possible if not atleast some return value lik 0,1,2 etc)  and how to wait in selenium till that value comes.

Can you please help me with this.


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Not sure if this is the right way of doing it but you could potentially set the Exit code to the value you want. The parent script could then capture that into a variable that calls the child script ?

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