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BitAnd($BS_RIGHT,$BS_CENTER)<>0 ???

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What the heck.

I'm working on a generic base class called FlagSet, whose derived class will have a bunch of boolean properties such as "Left", and will provide a BitOr value for its state, or an AsString() which will return a comma separated list of all its properties that are True: Left,Bottom,etc.

Global $bs=NewButtonStyle('Left')
Msg($bs.Value); would show BitOr($BS_BOTTOM,$BS_LEFT)
Msg($bs.AsString()); should show "Left,Bottom" but shows "Left,Center,Bottom" because BitAnd($BS_RIGHT,$BS_CENTER)<>0


;Is it me or is this perverse?
;should it not be...

Damn you Microsoft!

**shakes fist at a dark sky**


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