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Strange behavior of a variable

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I just found that, declare a variable gives the same result with certain functions that if I had a dialog box.


For example
Global $var
MsgBox (4096,"",wingethandle ($var)) ; result handle
MsgBox (4096,"",winactive ($var)) ; result handle
MsgBox (4096,"",winexists ($var)) ; result 1
MsgBox (4096,"",WinGetProcess ($var)) ; result process
MsgBox (4096,"",WinGetState ($var)) ; result 47
These functions should t it not give a result as if it is a dialog box?
I thought rather getting errors using these functions
Thank you.

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Declaring a variable without initializing it is automatically initialized with a blank string.

A blank string for these functions corresponds to the active window.

You can check by yourself using the WinGetTitle function.

Br, FireFox.

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Don't see anything strange about it, returns exactly what the functions are supposed to return as far as I can tell.

Global $var

MsgBox (4096,"wingethandle",VarGetType(wingethandle ($var)) & @CRLF & wingethandle ($var)) ; result handle
MsgBox (4096,"winactive",VarGetType(winactive ($var)) & @CRLF & winactive ($var)) ; result handle
MsgBox (4096,"winexists",VarGetType(winexists ($var)) & @CRLF & winexists ($var)) ; result 1
MsgBox (4096,"WinGetProcess",VarGetType(WinGetProcess ($var)) & @CRLF & WinGetProcess ($var)) ; result process
MsgBox (4096,"WinGetState",VarGetType(WinGetState ($var)) & @CRLF & WinGetState ($var)) ; result 47

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Thank FireFox
I didn't know that.

JohnOne, it's not strange if you know how it's works, but it's strange if you are a newbie  :sweating:

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