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Graceful exit of Autoit scripts

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I'm not sure if this comes under "exception handling" but results when I searched for exception handling were a whole lot different, so i thought I'll start a new thread.

I have 50+ scripts and I would like to run them in sequence. Lets assume I use a shell script to run them. Assuming script 25 fails. (By fail, i mean a condition where some control has changed and the script cannot find a certain element and so the script just gets stuck), how do I get script 25 to gracefully exit and let script 26 run?

Or as an alternative, can i have a global time out which tells AutoIt,wait for a maximum of 2 minutes before giving up?

Any help is much appreciated!


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You can check if the function succeeds or not by checking its return value or the error/extended macros.

Then it's up to you to do the rest.

Br, FireFox.


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Hey FireFox,

Thank you for your reply! Yeah, thats one possibility, but each script has 100s of code with numerous functions and to check each one could be time consuming. But well, if there is no other option then :)

I was hoping for a more global option that can be set. (like WinWaitDelay).

Btw, I was wondering why does the script freeze when it is unable to perform an operation - say if a button is not present and the script tries to click it. Can it throw an exception saying "hey no button found". Any ideas as to making a global change?

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Not sure what you mean by "gracefully".  If you just want to cancel the script based on a timeout and run the next script then the following might be useful to you. 

The script sets up a test envorinment:

   @scriptdirtest scripts*.au3


        Several scripts that will run for varying lengths of time.

        One of the scripts is setup to exceed the 120 second timeout limit.

   @scriptdirtest scriptsrun_log.txt

        Logging mechanism used for testing.

The driver (shell) portion of the script  works off a timer and the PID.  Scripts are run using "autoit3.exe scriptname".  The scriptnames are fed to the driver from the array created at the top of the script.

You may be able to use this as a model to set something up for your environment.

#include <array.au3>
#include <date.au3>

; Hammer and Tongues Method

;  Create Test Environment

local $aScripts[50] =   ['Script1.au3', _
                        'Script2.au3', _
                        'Script3.au3', _
                        'Script4.au3', _
                        'Script5.au3', _
                        'Script6.au3', _
                        'Script7.au3', _
                        'Script8.au3', _
                        'Script9.au3', _
                        'Script10.au3', _
                        'Script11.au3', _
                        'Script With Timeout Problem.au3', _
                        'Script21.au3', _
                        'Script22.au3', _
                        'Script23.au3', _
                        'Script24.au3', _
                        'Script25.au3', _
                        'Script26.au3', _
                        'Script27.au3', _
                        'Script28.au3', _

local $ret = 0, $test_path = '\Script Test'
if fileexists(@scriptdir & $test_path) then filedelete(@scriptdir & $test_path)
$ret = DirCreate(@scriptdir & $test_path)
if $ret <> 1 then
    ConsoleWrite('DirCreate for test script directory failed...exiting...' & @LF)

local $str = ''

l('Generating Scripts')

for $1 = 0 to ubound($aScripts) - 1

    if $aScripts[$1] = '' then exitloop

    $str = '#include <date.au3>' & @lf

    if $aScripts[$1] = 'Script With Timeout Problem.au3' then
        $str &= 'sleep(999999)' & @lf
        $str &= 'local $sleep_time = random(1,10,1) * 1000' & @lf
        $str &= 'l("Script = " & @scriptname & " running for " & $sleep_time/1000 & " seconds")' & @lf
        $str &= 'sleep($sleep_time)' & @lf
    $str &= 'func l($str)' & @lf
    $str &= '   local $hfl = fileopen(@scriptdir & "\run_log.txt",1)' & @lf
    $str &= '   filewrite($hfl,stringformat("%-20s    %-100s",_now(),$str) & @lf)' & @lf
    $str &= '   fileclose($hfl)' & @lf
    $str &= '   $hfl = 0' & @lf
    $str &= 'endfunc' & @lf

    $ret= filewrite(@scriptdir & $test_path & '\' & $aScripts[$1],$str)
    if $ret <> 1 then
        ConsoleWrite('File write for script = ' & @scriptdir & $test_path & '\' & $aScripts[$1] & @LF)


func l($str)

    local $hfl = fileopen(@scriptdir & $test_path & '\run_log.txt',1) ; append
    filewrite($hfl,stringformat('%-20s    %-100s',_now(),$str) & @lf)
    $hfl = 0


;  Driver Script to run test scripts in order with a timeout value.

local $timeout = 120 ;  seconds
local $st, $pid

l('Start Driver Script.  Options:')
l(@tab & 'Timeout Value = ' & $timeout)

for $1 = 0 to ubound($aScripts) - 1

    if $aScripts[$1] = '' then exitloop

    l('Starting script = ' & $aScripts[$1])

    $pid = run('autoit3.exe ' & @scriptdir & '"' & $test_path & '"' & '\' & '"' & $aScripts[$1] & '"')
    ConsoleWrite($pid & @LF)

    $st = timerinit()

    while int(timerdiff($st)/1000) < 120
        if not processexists($pid) then exitloop

    if not processexists($pid) then
        l('Script ' & $aScripts[$1] & ' ended normally')
        l('Cancelling script = ' & $aScripts[$1] & ' due to timeout')


As to why your scripts might freeze.  As suggested, you need to interogate return codes for all functions.   Whenever you are doing something to a window you first need to verify it's presence and state.

I don't know of any global value that can be set to indicate "my script is fucking up".  The driver script above has no idea what the driven script is doing, only that it has exceeded a timeout value and the process id still exists.

Good Luck,


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