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FileWrite vs. _FileWriteLog while running test on command line

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Hello Folks

For writing log info to a file, there are two functions I tried: "FileWrite" and "_FileWriteLog"

When I use "_FileWriteLog" and run the script either by using F5 or running the exe by double-clicking the code:

_FileWriteLog($LogFile, "version20130902" & @CR)

results in "2013-09-02 15:50:44 : version201309020" in the log file. This is as expected. However if I run the script on command line, using $Cmdline for indicating the log path, the log file is empty. If I replace all _FileWriteLog commands by FileWrite, I get logging, but without the timestamp. Who knows what is wrong?

Of course there is the workaround using

FileWrite($logFile, @YEAR & @MON & @MDAY & @HOUR & @MIN & @SEC &

But I just wanne know why _FileWriteLog doesn't work with command-line running of the script.

Thanks for feedback. Regards, Fred

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It works for me. I compiled this script:

#include <File.au3>
$LogFile = $CmdLine[1] & "\test.log"
_FileWriteLog($LogFile, "version20130902" & @CR)


Then I ran this from a batch file:

test.exe C:\Users\MyComputer\Desktop\test

Log entry written:

2013-09-02 18:24:55 : version20130902

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At a guess, I can only conclude one of three things.

[1] You don't have #include <File.au3> at the top of your script.


[2] Your $sLogFile variable is incorrect in some way.


[3] Your $sLogFile doesn't exist, which it needs to for _FileWriteLog.

Obviously, when you use FileWrite, you are also opening and closing your log file using additional commands, and thus probably supplying the correct path to your log file in the process (and creating it at need).

If [3] is the case, you can use _FileCreate($sLogFile) before the _FileWriteLog line.


You may need to look at what error might be returned from _FileWriteLog (i.e. use a MsgBox to show result).

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