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Obfuscator question

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When you use obfuscator, it will by default warn if you have Call() function in your script.

I believe that this is because string obfuscation would/could, cause you problems.

Is this because string obfuscation is different to function and variable renaming, and if so, how come Other functions like HotkeySet and Opt are not affected?

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There is no difference in the way Obfuscator warns about any Function that can contain a link to a Func.

In the below example the first Call statement doesn't give any error since Obfuscator is able to understand which Func is called and will be able to Obfuscate the FuncName.

The second Call statement will trigger an error/warning as Obfuscator doesn't know about the real value of $testvar. It will also break that Call() statement.

$testvar= "Test"

Func test()
    MsgBox(0,"that worked","that worked")

All clear?

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