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pixels, and if u change ur reso, then cordinates wont work no more.

Mouseclick("left", 250, 350, 2, 0)

i would try pixel search

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate"); for exit program, pres esc
while 1
$coord = PixelSearch(0, 0, 1247, 858, 0xxxxxxx); 0xxxxxxx= Your pixel colour code
If Not @error Then
    MouseClick("primary", $coord[0], $coord[1], 1, 0)
 Func Terminate()
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You can specify this behavior:

AutoItSetOption ( "option" [, param] )

MouseCoordMode Sets the way coords are used in the mouse functions, either absolute coords or coords relative to the current active window:
0 = relative coords to the active window
1 = absolute screen coordinates (default)
2 = relative coords to the client area of the active window

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