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Help closing embedded RDP object from GUICtrlCreateObj


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I have been playing around with the embedded RDP client found >here.  I built a GUI front end and a SQLite DB for an "RDP launcher."  My problem is handling the close.  When I close the RDP session the control still appears in the GUI with the disconnect message.  I have been searching the MSDN documentation and the help file and have found the MSDN docs confusing.  I thought that something like this would work ... but it does not.

$oConnectionHandler = ObjEvent($oRDP_Ctrl,"_closeWindow","ondisconnected")

func _closeWindow()
; code will attempt to close window
 MsgBox("","","Connection being closed: "&_testDict($oConnectionHandler))

I can post all the code if that is helpful - most of it is not relevant as it deals with the DB and GUI so I did not want it to detract from or confuse what I am hoping is a relatively simple question.

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