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See who peeked at your facebook! TOS Friendly

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Tired of those cheesy scammy trojans that promise to reveal who peek at your facebook profile?

I made this in a couple of hours to check who view your profile.

This is not 100% acurate, sometimes if you chat to someone it will look like he saw your profile.

If you didnt look at his profile, AND you didnt chat with that person and he still comes in the list THEN he did peek at your profile

To avoid breaking facebook TOS this script wont touch the website. Its up to the user to get the information from facebook MANUALY and then put it in this script.


How to use:

1- Login to facebook as usual

2- in the main homepage, right click an empty space from the page, and click "VIEW SOURCE"

3- Create a file name "fbsource.txt" in the script folder, and COPY PASTE the source to the file, save and exit

4- Run the program and enjoy

IF $HelpNeeded = True then Ask_For_Uploaded_Screenshots()

#include <array.au3>
;read File
$all = FileRead("fbsource.txt")
;crop the file to get the IDS
$all = StringTrimLeft($all, StringInStr($all, "InitialChatFriendsList"))
$all = StringTrimLeft($all, StringInStr($all, ":") + 1)
$all = StringLeft($all, StringInStr($all, "]") - 1)
;remove the " in the IDS
$all = StringReplace($all, '"', "")
Global $temp, $c = 0
$array = StringSplit($all, ",")
Global $total = UBound($array)
While 1
    $temp = ''
        $c += 1
        If $c >= $total Then ExitLoop
        $temp &= $array[$c] & "%2C"
    Until StringLen($temp) > 1600
    $temp = StringTrimRight($temp, 3)
    ConsoleWrite('@@ Debug(' & @ScriptLineNumber & ') : $temp = ' & $temp & @CRLF & '>Error code: ' & @error & @CRLF) ;### Debug Console
    ShellExecute('http://facebookidconverter.sam-simons.nl/index.php?id=' & $temp & "limit=&what=id&separator=%2C")
    If $c >= $total Then ExitLoop

Code is messy, but it works on win7 64b

Any comments/improvements are welcomed!

Kind regards

(note) Shellexecute has a string size limit, there is the option to change that and get less pages with more users on it. anyone can help there? at the moment i limit to around 1600 chars. I think URL limit is around 8500 chars

(note) im not associated with http://facebookidconverter.sam-simons.nl/ in any way.

Edited by Ovvnage

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Ow! i forgot to say that http://facebookidconverter.sam-simons.nl/ is not my site, and im not affiliated in any way with them.

you can always check the website before running the script. the only part of the source uploaded is other people IDS from $array. That means your information will not go online, only OTHER people IDS!

I got the idea from http://facebookidconverter.sam-simons.nl/initialchatfriendslist.php but placing the ids was very time consuming, thats why i built this script. The 3rd party website is used to get the username from the IDS. You can manually test it then use the script to automate it! :D

Edited by Ovvnage

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