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Make my mouse move after a certain


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So i have a bunch of If and else functions insida a wile function in my script but when my program freezes my mouse won't move. So than the mouse has to restart the program.

But i don't seem to get how i have to put the time indication and sutch.

MouseGetPos ()
If $array[0] And $array[1] = $array[0] And $array[1] for 500 Then
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Global $Previous, $Current ; create these variables to begin with
While 1 ; Do this forever
    $Current = MouseGetPos(0) & 'x' & MouseGetPos(1) ; Put the current mouse coordinates into the $Current variable
    If $Previous = $Current Then ; If the $Previous recorded location matches the current one then...
        MouseMove((@DesktopWidth / 2), (@DesktopHeight / 2) + 20, 2) ; Move the mouse to the middle of the screen, 20 pixle down
        MouseMove((@DesktopWidth / 2), (@DesktopHeight / 2), 2) ; Move the mouse to the middle of the screen.
        ConsoleWrite('Moved the mouse due to inactivity' & @CRLF) ; Write to the console view at the bottom of Scite editor when it moves the mouse.
    $Previous = MouseGetPos(0) & 'x' & MouseGetPos(1) ; Set the previous mouse to what it is after it was moved by the program.
    Sleep(5000) ; 5 seconds (5000 milliseconds)to wait before checking

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Also, if you want help with learning Autoit, if you click the link under my posts in the signature area you will get access to youtube videos I have made that cover the basics of how to get started. I have had good feedback on them also, so feel free to check those out.

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