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faster "_IELoadWait" possible?

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To save time in scripts that are heavier with IE.au3, has anybody tried to not wait for entire pages to load and instead just wait for "enough" of the page to be loaded before continueing the script?

I´ve tried things like this now, to no success yet:

Func _CustomIELoadWait($sStringToWaitFor = "</form")
    For $iCounter = 1 To 20
        $html = _IEPropertyGet($g_oIE, "innerhtml")
        If StringInStr($html, $sStringToWaitFor) And (_IEPropertyGet($g_oIE, "readystate") = 3 Or _IEPropertyGet($g_oIE, "readystate") = 4) Then Return
EndFunc   ;==>_CustomIELoadWait

It actually takes longer this way than with IELoadWait.


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I´m thinking along the lines now of turning off the loading (not just the showing) of images (and maybe javascript) to speed up loading,

and/or some kind of working function that stops loading the page when *enough* (in terms of  html content I guess) of the page has been loaded.

Any ideas?


P.S. I imagine I can use some kind of combination of

_IEAction($oIE,"stop"); which I wasn´t before, which is maybe why there was trouble with interacting with the page...


_IEPropertyGet($oIE,"outerhtml"); with perhaps IsString() and/or StringLen() and/or StringInStr()


_IEPropertyGet($oIE,"readystate"); maybe someone can give more insight into the possible return values

P.P.S. I suppose it might help to look into the IE.au3 UDF IELoadWait() functions code and see how it works in the backgroudn, then try to customise it...


Feel free anybody to put me on a better track :-)

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