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Hello guys , i have create a script for my program for get filesize . I get the size and all is right .

But the sum for size folder , in label prin like that

3.32423423482304 MB

I want see like that :

3.32 MB

The variable in a  function 
 global $size= ($image_size + $libs_size + $logs_size + $tools_size)

if $size > 1048576 Then
      $size_a = " MB"
      $size = $size/1048576
   ElseIf $size< 1048576 Then
      $size_a = " bytes"
   local $label_info_size = GUICtrlCreateLabel("The size is:" & $size & $size_a & "." ,100 , 380)

Some parts from my code , to neeed... If you want all code tell me please

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thank you very much is work fine , and i undrstand the code

if Round($size,2)

3.23 MB like that.

if Round($size,3)

3.233 MB

Thank you close the topic , as answer...

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teris1994, you can mark your own topic as answered. Just highlight JohnOne's post as the correct answer, and amend the topic title in your initial post with (Resolved)

"Profanity is the last vestige of the feeble mind. For the man who cannot express himself forcibly through intellect must do so through shock and awe" - Spencer W. Kimball

How to get your question answered on this forum!

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